Emotions, fears & self love

Do you want to know how to become less reactive, give up your anger, soothe your sadness, find unconditional love?

We don’t need easy. We need possible. And it is possible to build new healthy emotional patterns exactly the same way it is possible to start training for a marathon, learn to surf, draw or do the splits… with hard work, discipline and love.

It is not because you can’t see them that they don’t exist. Emotions and fears are real, and the way we manage them has a direct impact on our health.

It seems funny to me that most of us don’t “have time” for this. Because actually when you learn to manage your emotions better, everything gets better: you become more grounded, creative, focused and confident. You reduce your stress level and improve the quality of your relationships. All that, while increasing the quality of your time at work.

Make time for your well being. It matters (most).

Listen how we can manage our emotions and fears as they show up into our life -or go straight to 11:30” to follow the self-love exercise ;):

1/ PAUSE. Recognize the emotion, acknowledging it

2/ shift from mind to body: feel the sensation in your body: is it cold, tight, burning, shaking..?

3/ get rid of it: let it out and let it go

4/ bring mind & body back to calm.

We start one day, newbies. We learn and practice step by step, consciously, focused and disciplined. And as we start feeling a change, making progress towards wellness, we embrace the process. Eventually we become what we learn. Wiser, happier, healthier.

Before you know it, you will have given up your anger, too addicted to your new compassionate, steady & happy mood.

The journey started.


Bird Studio.

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