Good bye, Anxiety

Everybody suffers from anxiety.

Anxiety is a fear/stress gone wild. It is an automatic response from your system to a trigger.

There are many ways to cope with anxiety, to deal with the symptoms. But in truth, you do not want to learn to live with it. What you want is to stop it, once and for all.

So something needs to change, right?

But you can’t change other people, rules, the weather,… or any trigger from happening. So what can you change?

Well, the only thing you can change is the only thing you have control over, and that it: You. Therefore, what you want is to get to the root cause of your anxiety and change your unhealthy thought pattern/belief system. So then no matter what trigger shows up, you won’t respond with anxiety.

The question is HOW? This video explains the technic to take control over your anxiety – also called “monkey mind”/”beast”/”chimp” (Walt Disney calls it “Bruno”…!) – and slowly change your thought pattern from worse case scenario to best case scenario. Because every time a challenge arises/a trigger shows up, you CAN CHOOSE to use your imagination to daydream about all the amazing things that could happen instead of letting your mind spiral down towards the worst things that could happen (which is what it naturally does when it runs on automatic pilot/”default mode”).

Take control.

Change the story in your head. Learn how to shift your focus from fear to faith, from “what if things go wrong” to “what if things go well?”, from worrying to daydreaming, and start practicing today so that soon it becomes your new “default mode” narrative.

Now understanding the concept is great but to actually shift your mindset, you need to practice (knowing = 10% of the change, Practicing = 90% of the change). The practice suggested in the video includes the Work of Byron Katie.

Practice implies discipline. So you must commit to yourself. And to be willing to commit to yourself you must understand that you are the most important project of your life. Nothing and no one is more important than you. Repeat that in your head.

If you’re dedicated to yourself, you’ll practice. If you practice, you’ll overcome anxiety. If you overcome anxiety, you will find freedom.

Freedom is worth loving yourself.

Full circle.

Watch this video every time you feel anxious and soon, you won’t need to watch it ever again.

Thought patterns can be changed faster than you think.

The mind is everything.

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