What love?

We look for something that exists. We want to replicate what others have. What others created. We look for answers outside of ourselves and we get lost in the midst of too many options, leaving us feeling “less… than…”.

Love takes different forms, flavors, colors, shapes… There is not one love or one way to love but just as many as there are humans and relationships!

What is Fun? What is Good? What is Beauty?… We each have our own definition. And that definition evolves throughout our life.

It applies to Love too.

Each love is unique and evolving. Each life is unique and evolving. And when you acknowledge that, you give the love you are a chance to evolve, transform, change and grow freely.

It is up to you to invente what love is to you. Define it’s shape, color, sound and texture. But not with the intention to meet expectations but to truly experience the power of your heart, what it feels like, looks like, comes out as. And if someone tells you “this is not love”, it just means that it is not love to THEM. And that makes sense 😉 Diversity is what makes our world so fascinating. You don’t need validation for how you feel.

What if instead of doubting ourselves we were exploring our very unique way to give & receive love and completely embracing it? Observing and acknowledging how others love and accept the uniqueness of their way to love too?

Deep down, you already know exactly what love means to you. Look inside. It doesn’t have to look like any other. It is yours, perfect as it is. Trust yourself to naturally know how to love. Invente love. Be love.

The answer IS inside your heart. Not anywhere else.

Plant that seed and water it. Everyday.

How? Practice. Practice. Practice. Yes, love.

Yoga will teach you true love, self-love.

Bear hugs and double rainbows all’round! (That’s love to me!)


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