Beauty is a feeling.

Coco Chanel said “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”.

It is time to benefit from the great power of Ho’OponoponoI’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. I Thank You. I Love You.

We feel too large, too skinny, too small, too tall… like we are never good enough or too much. Never beautiful, perfect as we really are.

I recently read that almost all of us, women, hate the way we look. Almost ALL. OF. US.

It is heartbreaking. We must change that!

First understand why? And that is: because we want to look a certain way. THE WAY.

The reality is that there is nothing wrong with any of our bodies. What’s wrong is the way we see them: our perception through the lens of a world of expectations.

Your body deserves to be cherished for everything it does for you on a daily basis and for the extra-ordinary things it did for you throughout the years: teaching you to slow down, warning you when you pushed too hard, carrying your babies maybe, growing your beautiful wisdom wrinkles, taking you to the beach when you couldn’t get rid of the fog in your head…

I learnt to adore my imperfections, my little flexibility and extra strength because they make me who I am. Unique. Different. Balanced. Authentic. No more expectations.

You can learn, too. Do you want to?

Here is the deal: diversity is key. Our differences are beautiful. Togetherness wouldn’t feel as magical if we were all identical, would it?
Accept to be unique. You are unique. Which means you are different. Different is good. 
I know you would love to have that other “body type”. But you don’t. And you can keep chasing the illusion that one day you will look a certain way and then you’ll be happy OR you can accept that this body is yours for a reason, perfectly imperfect, different, unique, and beautiful. It’s 100% up to you to cherish your body and nurture it with love, compassion, good care, healthy food and long nights of sleep. Love brings love. Choose love. Self-love brings confidence. And confidence is the best outfit: wear it, own it, rock it!

Change starts in the mind.

There is nothing more beautiful than authentic confidence. Confidence over hips, confidence over height, confidence over weight. Be confident that you are enough and perfect as you are. You are you. That’s enough and plenty.

We think we are the body we live in. We cultivate the way we look without taking care of the way we feel. But this is wrong.

We look the way we feel. Read again.

When we nurture our mind with good caring thoughts, and our body with vitality, we start to gain confidence. Mind and body come together to align, whole and authentic. And we feel free, open, loved and ultimately, beautiful. Our inner love and self confidence change the energy we give out into the world.

We look the way we feel.

Beauty is a feeling.
And if you wait for your body type to be the trend, you give others the power to decide when you will feel beautiful.

It is not up to them.
It is up to you.

Be you now. Everyone else is already taken anyway. We want to SEE YOU. Not another one of them.

One practical “self love for newbies” tip: If you want to quit chocolate (which you shouldn’t 😉 this is just an example), don’t focus on chocolate. Focus on strawberries, apples and peaches, coconut flakes, mixed nuts, seeds and yogurt. Nurture vs punish. Love vs hate. Grow vs shrink. What you have vs what you don’t. What you are working for vs what you are moving away from. Look ahead. Same thing with your body. To get started, if you don’t like your hips, focus on your hands, if you don’t like your legs, focus on your eyes. Train your mind to focus on the good, and the good will expand. Train your mind to focus on your well being, and you’ll be well. It is a gratitude practice.

Once you fall in love with yourself, you’ll start making better choices. You’ll start feeling more and more beautiful, getting rid of YOUR limiting beliefs, until you completely loose sight of what you didn’t like about your beautiful body!

It is often so easy to love and take care of others. But we don’t know how to take care of ourselves. We spend days stretching our brains about work and logistic, family and friends, parameters and constraints, and sometimes a whole day can go by without once thinking about ourselves. It’s time to take a pause. Reset. Ground. Center. Breathe. And change the patterns that don’t serve us anymore.

We don’t practice yoga to get better at yoga. We practice yoga to get better at living.

And as we improve ourselves, we improve our world.

Love y’all yogis 🧡

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