The revolution of compassion.

The Black Lives Matter movement woke up something inside me. I watched the passion and suffering being screamed out loud in the streets, fascinated by the violence of love and the power of unity. Humanity across continents standing up for equality, together. It was beautiful and excruciating. I want to believe that our world is changing for the best. And it will take time but we will get there.

The answer is within us. Just like the virus is within us.
We are the virus, the remedy, the answer. What we need to do is change mindsets and beliefs, from the roots.

What we fear most in life- all of us- are the two only things that are actually promised on earth: change and impermanence. We claim not to be racists but our every move is made towards superiority, driven by our fears, built up upon our ego. We seek results and power, individually, relentlessly trying to reach for the moon, above the rest. To ultimately leave the rest, below. And so we feel, our superiority.

The good news is: change and impermanence are promised 😉 Which means that we can change the world for a better one. Question is: how?

My children don’t understand racism in the first place. They don’t understand the concept. They don’t see why some people would be less worthy than others. They haven’t built up their ego yet. Until we believe in “Inter-being” and understand that we need each other to live in this world, racism, violence and discrimination will go on. We seek power in individuality where power will actually be found in unity. We need the farmer to grow coffee beans, the pilot to fly them to our country, someone to take them to the store, someone in the store to put them out, someone to run the whole logistic… It took a lot for our coffee to end up in our hands this morning. And the same is true for everything.

I am glad there are people working in hospitals and farms, schools, shops, banks,… Our lives depend on others more than we know: people from all countries, skin colors, genders, ages, sexual orientation, etc. There should be no hierarchy between humans. We are all different, interconnected and part of a system, equals and equally worthy. Being different IS the key. Our ecosystem would not function without our differences and diversity of minds, bodies, cultures, knowledge, … Plus, how boring would be our world without its very own diversity? I hope one day, we can all see it and “inter-be” peacefully.

Until we do, the best way to kindle minds is to show the way, inspire, as leaders, as warriors. And it will take time. Because words matter but actions matter most. It’s been amazing to see so many people come together to protest, united in the streets. Let’s not go home and move on with our lives.

It is not easy to keep up with a true commitment but it will be worth it. With patience, discipline, courage, time and love we will make a difference. As we know, the most beautiful views come after the hardest climbs and I know we can create a better world for us all. Change needs to happen within each and all of us, from the inside out.

Look around and pause. Ask your ego how it feels about people around you. Ask yourself where comes the food in your fridge, the clothes you are wearing, your knowledge, salary, water, city, culture, skin color and how you’d accomplished all the things you’ve accomplished without your tribe? We are made of others more than we are made of our own selves. Read this sentence again.

There are little things we can all start doing today. Be more grateful, less envious. Be more kind, less mad. Stop seeking what else we need, look what we already have. Watch deeply, live compassionately.

Compassion is the medicine the world needs. Compassion leads to understanding. Understanding leads to freedom. We can all awaken our compassion for ourselves and one another.

Consumption, comfort, temptation, envy, competition, jealousy are what make our lives difficult, and kills our planet. More is less. Less is more. When will we stop chasing, running, fighting, competing, accelerating? What are we all chasing? Isn’t it power? I think it is.

We are chasing power through individual superiority. We have been on this path for too long, it leads nowhere. Should we try something new? Power, freedom and equanimity will be found in unity.

How about we pause the race against each other for a minute and take the journey through our inner world? Develop compassion, kindness, slow down consumption, waste and war. Teach our children better. I know, this seems impossible. But if you think about it… Is it? We don’t need easy, we just need possible. Change won’t happen over night but we can start shaping a better future today.

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it’s own wings. Always believe in yourself.” – Charlie Wardle.

If you want to show the world how to fly, you’ll have to jump first. You can. And if you’re reading this post, your inner wings are already out.

Our world is changing for the best. Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

“Sometimes, you’ve got to get sick before you start feeling better”. We got sick, let’s get better.

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